Ranking Girls by Appearance

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  • The short girl with the sporty outfit couldn't help herself. She had to bring race into it and blame it on the stereotypes. Same thing with the long skirt girl. Both of them have a lot of work to do. The first one on her personality and second one inside the gym and dieting, that if they wanna get a quality guy. Otherwise, keep rockin it the same way I guess. Also my first pick was the asian girl, it will always be. Especially this one that besides the fact that she has good looks, with her humbleness she's the jackpot.

  • The female titan!!!!!

  • That's not how earpro works

  • 1. Asian girl 2. Blonde girl 3. Brunette girl 4. Black girl 5. Fat girl In my opinion

  • I don't know how you can give him a bite being the most disgusting garbage in the world I think that when I was little I lacked attention to you

  • I've come to the conclusion that they're all ugly...

  • I wish the curvier girl wouldn’t of said she wouldn’t have a chance! Some guys would love her, she’s so pretty and has such a pretty face.

  • I think they took advantage of Michelle being quiet to rank themselves higher

  • So you don’t like bigger girls?!?!?!

  • so we see the fatphobia and racism in men

  • I really like that Asian girl because she took one for the team to not make any of them feel bad and I think she was 1 or 2 for me

  • Could someone PLS get the attention OF Pewdiepie that Jack Sucks at life has his play button case

  • How would you all rate me?

  • Completely agree with predispose

  • Black girl : I won’t rank high because of my skin color Pediepie : no the other girls have a better face

  • Alternate title: Pewdiepie tries to understand girls in girls eyes

  • 1 black girl 2 Asian girl 3 tall blonde girl 4 bigger girl 5 girl with the brown hair Her personality is very attractive to me she has a cocky swagger to her

  • Asian girl always be the most attractive she's cute and her personality fits on her period

  • "The girl I found most attractive was Jordan. She had the best personality and she's confident." Giiiirl, I'm pretty sure attractiveness and personality are supposed to be different.

  • Opinions about others may even be different, but I believe that michelle being the first is unanimous

  • 9:08 Its legit the opposite way around

  • I agree with you pewds. Some of my girl friends have showed me girls who all girls think are pretty and I don't see it tbh

  • Actually a sponsorship that I’d consider

  • Every girl in this: We don't wanna put the big one as a 5 Every men watching: wait what.. no this is all wrong Me: *uncomfortable noises*

  • I would put that girl in the yoga pants with the red on the side is 1 shes the prettiest 1

  • They are equal to me

  • 5.5million ppl: *sees title* 5.5million ppl: i N t E r E s T i N g

  • It all comes down to personality

  • That big girl at 2 I agree with pews first answer it was the best

  • I agree with pews 1

  • I would have switched the black girl with the blonde girl

  • i wish the blonde girl is in 5th ngl

    • She seemed almost mad when she got moved down lmao jealous much

  • I don't think this game was specific enough, in my opinion. You have physical attractiveness and then you have personality attractiveness. Everyone kind of did their own thing and the results didn't come out as organized as they could've been. Here's my personal ranking as a female judge. - Looks: 1. Kaylynn 2. Jordan 3. Michelle 4. Maria 5. Annie - Personality: 1. Annie 2. Michelle 3. Jordan 4. Kaylynn 5. Maria It's all subjective. I took face shape as the biggest factor in looks, then dress, I'd say. Didn't really pay much attention to body shape.

  • To me Asian girls and Hispanic girls are hot as fuuuuuck

  • was he talking about the boy christaine bale?

  • Wow Maria needs a little humbling. I like the confidence though lol

  • Whale watching

  • Omg almost 5 mins of intro

  • 13:49 she's so wrong about her colour. Get Beyonce on the line and we will see

  • if anyting these types of video is more of a 'hidden experiment' on how people will rank each other in from of each other. There gotta be type of psychology in this

  • 7:31 I’m a guy and hearing this hit different

  • for me it was the white shirt, dress, blue and orange shirt, jean jacket, and then the black shirt based on appearance personality and speech I'm a girl btw

  • Yes we can definitely be competitive about that

  • Can you please give me tips on being a ISchatsr. I am a new ISchatsr.


  • of course they put the black girl and the fat girl at the end of the line, but the Asian girl at the front lol typical Asian fetishization/yellow fever :)) It's like the women's ranking was just based on political correctness instead of looks, it was so cringe HAHA

    • I really hope you’re joking around

  • am i racist if i think the black girl should have been last

    • No not at all!

  • Ah I love a good race or size claim... unfortunately the Asians woman race was completely ignored, even in their debate of history American beauty values when Asian wasn’t even a thought yet they was first, nah you’re just fucking ugly, 🤣🤣

  • If the blonde girl wasn't an SJW type she'd would've ranked higher. I saw a comment saying she made a Tik Tok saying the guys knew she was gay but Jubillee cut it out so that would affect their decision too.

  • Michelle 1st easy

  • “i love to travel” “i’ve been to india five times” me who’s been to india 15 times: (i am indian)

  • Every mans line up is about the same maybe the first two switched

  • imo 1. Kaylynn 2. Maria 3. Michelle 4. Annie 5. Jordan

  • 7:04 They be hating on eachother doe lol

  • more minecraft

  • Ok if we’re ranking them by appearance big Oompa Loompa would be last so no simpish personality bs and blond girl would be 4th.

  • I really liked Jordan and Michelle.

  • Anyone know what pewds says at 13:38?

  • They did jordon so wrong 😀 she seems the sweetest based on looks alone, I’d rank the hippie looking one as 5, 1 would be that criminal justice case girl, 2 would be jordon, 3 would be the one wearing orange, 4 would be the Asian, that’s how I’d rank em tbh

  • I hope Maria and Jorge go on a date after this.

  • I would probably just walk straight to the most ugly area. I am just accepting of it. I don't have the personality to try save myself. I know I come off too intense to most people xD

  • how do you pick the last one. its easy. the last one is fucking fat

  • All the guys are like nope fuck this cute Japanese girl go to front immediately all the girls are like wait WHAT HOW ! It was rated perfectly 🤔 what is it boys :DHU.

  • I had the exact same organization as Pewdiepie

  • For me 1. Asian 2. Lady with highlights I think thats what theyre called 3. Black lady 4. Rose lady 5. Blonde lady

  • I’m sorry but 3 and 4 were 100% the wrong way round...

  • Made the same rankings as pewds. Well I guess girls really are competitive when it comes to looks.

  • 10:20😂

  • I feel like girls might subconsciously tell the one they actually find most attractive to be last because they assume she doesn't need the compliment from them as much as someone else.

  • For me personaly Michelle, Jordan, Anne, Maria, Kaylynn. I have a huge attractiveness to hair styles as well. and it's funny how all the guys put the larger girl Jordan at the end, I thought she was really pretty.

  • I picked exactly as the boys

  • Ayyy the boys got it right

  • Ayyyy pewds ranked them the same as me

  • Why do they think the blonde is hot? I’d put her in second to last

    • Because she's blonde , thin, and tall, like victoria's secret models which we are taught is what men like 🤷‍♀️

  • I felt so bad for the Asian when the girls put the fat shit above her

  • 11:36 the look she made gave me *cancer*

  • Ay PewDiePie being real

  • Kaylyan needs more recognition man

  • when u look at it Pewds had them with the same ranking :l

  • i agree with the mens ranking except i'd put the bigger girl at 3 and push the old 3 and 4 to 4 and 5

  • I’d change the black girl with the Jean jacket one and that’s just how I’d ranks them

  • C'mon bro we all know the fat one was the least attractive when we first saw her don't even lie😂

  • I thought the black girl personally was number 3 but when she was ranked lowering and kinda blamed it on her being black which in her mind was the reason why she got put lower was pretty stupid to me.

  • Michelle and Maria for me. The other girls are just not my type. Anne is 5 all day everyday so my list would be Michelle Maria Don’t remember the black girls name The chubby one, she has a cute face Anne- I don’t like anne

  • People in the comments are mean bro I forgot how it feels to look at Felix’s comment section in these types of videos. I think everyone in this video is nice.

  • It has nothing to do with you being black... just saying that makes me not like you.

  • Michelle is really the cutest one UwU.

  • Why is pewds ranking my ranking for these girls

  • 13:51 Are you fucking stupid? THERE WAS LITERALLY ANOTHER BLACK GUY THERE.

  • ngl i feel the black girl played the race card there

  • All these women are professionally unemployed

  • Black girl would be first, then Maria, then Asian girl, then theater girl, then blonde girl.

    • She is the prettiest one there IMO

    • As a black person, the black girl is not quite attractive.

  • Biggie would've went straight to the back realistically

  • damn he really just made my body confidence go ↘️ 🤩🤩🤩🙏

    • Just try and be confident. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but do something to make yourself more confident. If you aren’t happy with the way you look or how big or skinny you are, then change that! Wish you luck 😇

  • h

  • if anything this proves that being obnoxious makes you less attractive.

  • Despite the pretty words, this clearly was a war between the girls And I find it interesting how the competition between the men wasn‘t as violent

  • Michelle was def the most attractive looks and personality

  • Longest commercial in my life

  • Maybe I'm on my own here but no. 4 should've been 5. She has a nice body but her personality is the least attractive.